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Charles Gallant's 1990 MC21 SP Repsol replica.

Believe it or not, this stunning MC21 SP began its current incarnation from a pile of parts that was once a Cabin Racing edition SP that was included as part of a race-bike package deal!

After building up the race bike, Charles found that he actually had best part of a second bike left over and thought it a waste of good parts to just be considered 'spares'!!

"Although the majority of the parts were there, the bike was a true basket case as the engine, swing arm, and forks were all attached to the bike, but nothing else was. After some time in the garage, I had the bike whole, and it started up with very little effort. In fact it ran very strong. As part of the spares package, it came with a complete set of freshly painted bodywork in Repsol replica colours. At first I had plans to sell the bodywork set along with the freshly orange powder coated Magtek rims, but after some time, and dealing with potential (but not serious) buyers, I got bored and put the bodywork on it. Within a couple of days I was hooked on it!"

At this point Charles decided to title and register the bike, and use it on the street. After some time with the DMV and the state Highway Patrol, he had all the paper work complete and the NSR was a fully street legal bike in the sunny state of California!

"For over a year, I insisted that I needed nothing to make the bike better. I was happy with its performance, as well as its looks. Then I got an itch, and knew only one way to scratch that itch, and called on the people that brought me into the crazy world of underground motorcycles..."

TYGA Performance had sold Charles his first NSR back in 1999, a replacement for his Kawasaki EX250 race bike.  "I'd found an ad placed by Paul Pearmain on a message board advertising an NSR for sale for a good price", he recalled, " I contacted him and the craze started! I picked up my NSR race bike and never looked back. In fact, very shortly after that I sold all my four-stroke bikes, leaving me with only the NSR." Charles knew they were the only people he wanted to deal with.

So for the first modifications, Charles picked up an MC28 tail section and an MC28 upper cowling to give the ageing MC21 a little face-lift. This was nice, but as far as he was concerned, it definitely didn't take care of the problem! He called on TYGA for a set of stainless steel expansion chambers, and no sooner did they show up in the mail, TYGA announced their new GP500 pipes.

"I knew I would need these, as everyone else already had the standard pipes and I couldn't be like everyone else, so TYGA supplied me with a new set up GP500 pipes!!"

Then the issue of foot controls came into play. With the new chambers, the stock foot controls seemed to touch just a little. Well TYGA was kind enough to design a set of rear sets for the NSR, so another call to them supplied him with some superbly crafted custom rear sets.

"Around this time, Chris Baker showed me an interesting front cowling that TYGA supplied and painted up for him to put on his Repsol MC28. Well since he had sold the bike, he had no use for the upper cowling, so he offered it to me..."

Click for larger image...

The mould was taken from a cowling made for the Japanese market, and gives the NSR a very unique look.

The paint matched Charles's replica paint almost perfectly, so it was a must. After some searching, he found just the correct light to fill in the Suzuka endurance style, single sided headlight setup. 

This upper cowling definitely makes the NSR stand out as something different!

TYGA spent some time at the Malaysian GP in the autumn of 2001, where they picked up some interesting souvenirs from a few of the teams.

In keeping with the spirit of the past, they started to put together some new bodywork for the still ageing NSR250.

"The one piece that caught my eye was the GP Race tail. I couldn't wait for this! I ordered one, and in the meantime, TYGA designed a custom rear sub frame, battery box, and PGM mount. I ordered the entire setup, along with the custom taillight, and license plate holder. The pieces went together like a finely designed puzzle. No instructions were needed, it was completely self-explanatory."

So with the body work complete, the exhaust done, and the rear sets allowing plenty of clearance for even the hardest track use, Charles moved onto the suspension. The SP front end was in need of some work, as one of the seals had gone. Although LE Suspension in San Jose had already worked out the front end and the rear shock, and he knew the seal was the only thing needed, it wasn't going to be enough just having an overhaul!

"I wanted something very different, so I knew who to go to..." Once again TYGA was called into play, and a new front end was promptly ordered!

The call was answered, and TYGA set him up with a Showa front end off a Honda RS250 race bike. This included the forks, alloy triple clamp with a custom light weight aluminum steering stem designed specifically for the NSR250, gull arm top clamp, aluminum clip-ons, bigger RS disks, and light weight axle with spacers. 

Click for larger image...He also needed an RS250 front mudguard painted up to match the Repsol body work. TYGA was more then happy to do the work, and as always, the quality of the paint was amazing.

"So that pretty much sums up my NSR250. I have kept the engine pretty stock, as it makes excellent power for a small bike, and has no problems running with bigger bikes on the twisty mountain roads around my house."

Future plans include a new Öhlins rear shock, as well as an Öhlins steering stabilizer. Then the only other thing Charles wants to replace is the front brake master cylinder with a Brembo radial master cylinder for the trick look of a true exotic bike. Beyond that, he's more then happy with the outcome of his NSR, and feel it needs nothing else (until TYGA comes out with something new and pushes the envelope once more)!!

Never one to stand still, Charles has again updated his MC21 with the latest TYGA Performance GP250 race fairing.

The new flowing belly-pan and smooth sides of the top fairing, based closely on the NSR500V race fairing, gives the MC21 an ultra modern look!

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