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The following pictures and text give you an idea of what we are aiming for, both with the images and machine spec'. We are also looking for original material please, so we only want to feature previously unseen projects!!

*Originally written in 2001!*

NSR250SE Repsol
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For our very first Bike of the Month, we have decided to feature one of our very own MC21's!! This 1991 SE is probably the original Repsol replica, as it was painted just 2 days after the official Honda Press release way back in the early spring of 1995! Although not drastically modified, it has a fair turn of speed, due to very careful setting up, and attracts attention wherever it's parked!!

MC21E Pod Filters

Painted in the original 1995 Repsol colours by Evolution in northern England, the more observant of you will notice the shade of blue is incorrect! This is due to the colour reproduction in Motorcycle News, and as such was the "best guess" by the paint shop at the time! You may also notice the "slashes" into the red are incorrect! All said and done though, the paintwork is still in very good condition even after nearly 7 years of abuse, and still shines up superbly, testament to the quality of Evolutions original work.

A 'lowside' 12 months after the bike was painted had the right side lower and centre panel repainted; again Evolutions craftsmanship shone through. The colour matches were perfect, and the decals lined up too!!

The modifications to the bike were pretty much completed all at the same time. The engine underwent a top end overhaul at 25000Kms, and while awaiting parts, the Ethos SP stainless chambers and KISS CDI delimiter were ordered from Japan. The top end overhaul included an HRC style 'top head' conversion to the lower cylinder and a custom hose was used to plumb it into the system to retain the thermostat.

NSR250 Expansion ChambersPirelli Dragons usually  keep things 'shiny-side-up'; a super-soft 'Corsa' on the front, and a standard soft compound on the rear. Although not the latest design in tyres, this tyre and combination of compounds suit the bike and the riding style perfectly. The harder rear compound allows for greater resistance to wear, as well as giving enough feedback to feel when it starts to slide, check out how the rear tyre is worn right to the very edges of its tread!!

The front's softer compound just sticks superbly!! The front forks are pulled up through the yokes (triple clamps) 12mm, slightly less than HRC recommends, and although this tends to scrub the front tyre a lot quicker than normal, gives superb balance and 'turn-in', and much greater stability over rougher surfaces and crests.

Braking is handled by the stock Nissin calipers, but assisted by Goodridge stainless steel 'dash 5' GP spec' brake lines, Brembo "Green" sintered race pads, and DOT 4 high performance fluid.

Both the clutch cover and the brake pad covers are removed to aid cooling their relevant components. The front brake pads are the same Brembo 'Green' race pads as used in the rear and not only give exceptional feedback, but also make that satisfying GP style 'whoosh' noise when you grab a handful of lever!! The clutch plates are stock, but a 2.9mm inside plate replaces the usual 1.9mm item as  outlined in our Engine Tuning page. Jha uprated springs are also used giving (allegedly) increased performance, but still leaving the light feel of the stock set-up.

Honda NSR250 RepsolNSR250SP Dry Clutch

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After the top-end rebuild, and the Ethos chambers and KISS CDI delimiter were fitted, a Jha jet kit was installed to take care of the fuelling. The airbox was removed and Ramax individual foam filters were fitted to keep debris out of the carb's. The stock oil injection system is retained for convenience as the bike is solely used for street riding. A pair of silicone NGK Racing plug caps finish off the ignition side of things.

Final drive is taken care of by stock gearing and a D.I.D O-ring chain, lubricated with Castrol Chain Wax.

NSR250 MC21 swingarm

You can see the funky discolouration of the expansion chamber in this picture, as well as the discrete polishing of the footrest hangars and rear sprocket carrier to complement the polished alloy end cans!! Note the heat-shrink sleeves on the exhaust springs to dampen out the irritating vibration buzz they give off at high RPM!!

This just about tops off the list of minor modifications carried out this machine, but a set of HRC RS250 NX5 'upside-down' forks have already been modified to fit the MC21's headstock and will be fitted soon!!

So, does your NSR belong here? Can you provide us with high quality pictures and an interesting history/rundown of it? Want to see it on our Homepage for at least a month?! E-mail us with the details!!

Who knows. there may even be a few prizes up for grabs for featured bikes!!!


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